Revere Electric Supply

If you are looking for the best in recruitment services, look no further than Sky Recruiting. Liz Brittain and the Sky Recruiting team work diligently to seek out and present not only the right talent for their clients, but also the best fit for their candidates.

As a former candidate of Sky Recruiting, I have had the benefit of working with Liz and her team experiencing first-hand not only their passion but their industry knowledge, professionalism, ease of accessibility and coaching. Liz and her team have a keen understanding of their client’s needs and will work to ensure there is the right match of candidate to client – which is a skill that goes beyond simply matching a resume to a job description. Sky addresses the human element, and truly cares about the candidate and the client ensuring the match is also the correct cultural fit for long term success.

I am proud to now be of client of Sky Recruiting knowing I will be presented diverse, qualified candidates who will be treated respectfully, professionally and ethically throughout the recruitment process.”

Cynthia Leist
, Revere Electric Supply