April 2015 Newsletter


Sky Recruiting; the experts in Electrical and Industrial Distribution.

“I have built Sky Recruiting to become the Nation’s Prominent Executive Search Firm dedicated to Electrical and Industrial Distribution.

liz_brittainI truly believe Sky’s success stems from our tenure in distribution and our ability to strategically approach and attract the best talent in the business. Rather than campaigning via social media and job advertising, we connect directly with the most talented AND employed people in the business. This unique approach allows industry leaders to open their minds, pursue their aspirations and entrust a confidential process to us. Our communication based style brings our clients several choices of local and/or national talent from direct competitors and closely related industries. My team of 10 are trained to identify and deliver any level of position specific to Electrical/Industrial Wholesaling.

We pride ourselves on the fact that in the past 18 years, any client who has ever engaged our service has 100% of the time come back and requested our service time and time again. Whether you are organically growing, restructuring, or in acquisition mode, Sky Recruiting can ensure you never compromise when adding to your team.”

-Liz Brittain, Executive President